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Portimão is a great choice. There is everything possible to ensure the best of holidays in the sun. With an amenable year round climate, the Algarve season extends beyond high summer and enables you to choose less crowded periods of the year. That is, from mid-April through to October, the sun is - almost - always out thus extending the pleasures of the Algarve’s beaches far beyond August.

Long beaches are broken only by irregular rock forms including odd and mysterious cave formations that may be visited by boat. Some luxury hotels, given their exclusive sea-frontage are in the very best position for enjoyment of this fine environment.

Praia da Rocha is a well-known holiday destination next to Portimão with a broad and 1.5 kms long sandy beach with true Algarve character.

There are lots of things to do in Portimão, dolphin watching boat trips, boat trips to the caves and along the Arade river. Portimão is excellent for shopping, lots of boutiques and bag and shoe shops, some lovely perfumery shops and a variety of cafés for the non-shoppers to rest at! There are golf courses nearby and a casino in Praia da Rocha for evening entertainments- a show, dinner and dancing  (and a spot of gambling!).

For nightlife lovers, the lively atmosphere of Praia da Rocha in Portimão will be ideal for you.

Portimão is the second biggest city of the Algarve.
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Portimao Algarve Portugal is a great choice. Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, Beaches, Casino, Cruises, Boat trip, Fishing, Golf, Shopping.     
Best holidays in the sun.
Rapidly gaining popularity, Portimão is the new Western Europe destination for luxury travelers, with its beach resorts, combined with undiscovered nature, fishing ports, commercial centers and tourist attractions. A cosmopolitan city presenting a variety of beautiful golden beaches, crystal clear blue sea, framed by nature cliffs and rocks luring into fantasy and paradise.

The city is an international tourist destination to fun and excitement, modern luxuries embraced by astounding natural settings.

The sunsets are unique and magical experience whether travelling on a classy yacht or lying on an opium bed drinking champagne.

Portimao real estate is in demand, properties and holiday rentals are sought after. Pleasant holidays are ensured in all seasons, where Golf players can play all year round on top quality golf courses.
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